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Hi - I’m Dr. Sarah Long. As a primary health care provider, I’ve spent years researching the best available scientific evidence and developing methods to help my patients optimally manage and reverse chronic diseases, reduce need for and dependency on pharmaceutical drugs, achieve ideal body weight, and maximize physical fitness through comprehensive lifestyle changes.


I’ve grown frustrated with the traditional western medical model and the reactionary pharmaceutical sick care that fails to address root cause and largely ignores proactive preventive lifestyle guidance. So, I’m offering a different approach.


My vision of successful patient/client care is helping you firmly establish sustainable health such that YOU are in control of your health outcomes. I want to teach you how to drive your own health journey.



Investing in achieving healthy sustainable lifestyle habits will pay dividends now

and in the future.


There are many myths and conflicting information about how to achieve optimal

health and ideal body weight. While there are no magic bullets, no perfects pills

or quick fixes, there are proven methods that significantly improve health



I want to work with you to help you reach your goals in a way that is practical,

healthful, sustainable.

Hi - I am Jennifer. As Operation Manager for Doctor Live Long, I am entrusted with planning, developing, implementing, and managing our patient/client care programs. 


I am an effective communicator with a genuine, compassionate personality that lets me easily interact with patients of diverse backgrounds. I've been asked what the secret ingredient is in my methods and strategies. The answer is mindfulness. It is at the core of everything I do in life, from how I interact with others to the precise execution of all my plans.


Thank you for choosing Doctor Live Long as your path to being truly well. Unsure which program would work best for you? Let's connect and get started with your initial consultation.


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